Find Home.
Find Purpose.

There are a lot of variables to consider beyond profession when picking a place to live.


You have your own blend of hobbies, education opportunities, volunteer passions and housing preferences to consider. West Michigan offers the opportunities to build a community you enjoy. Along the Smart Coast, you will find a wide range of experiences to help you not only create a sense of belonging, but also a fulfilling life.


West Michigan offers a wide array of housing solutions for young professionals and families.

You can rent a chic industrial loft, join a set of roommates in one of the historic downtown neighborhoods or buy your perfect home in any number of unique suburban, downtown or lakeshore locations.

With the Grand Rapids metro area recently recognized by Forbes Magazine as 2016’s #1 Best Buy City for housing, there is no better place than West Michigan to rent or purchase your first home. Discover why so many professionals are relocating to this area of the country. You will find local temporary housing below.

Culture And Entertainment

Choosing West Michigan is about more than just your career.

Here, people connect over cups of coffee, craft beers, world-famous barbeque, art walks, coastal bike excursions and more. There is something to fill each weekend, and plenty of places to quietly relax. Balance meaningful work with your own definition of play.

Local Universities & K-12

There are 20 different universities and colleges throughout this region and over 85,000 college students from across the globe.

However, we’re known for far more than higher education. Learning is a central value for the Smart Coast, and our primary and secondary schools meet leading education standards. High school graduation rates rank at or above national averages in every one of our school districts (

In addition, five area high schools are ranked in Newsweek’s top 500 schools in the nation and thirteen are ranked in US News and World Report’s top 50 high schools in the state. As part of the Smart Coast, you can pursue any number of educational opportunities with your children, finding the fit that is right for your family.


A significant portion of the Smart Coast is connected to entrepreneurial activity.

Michigan SmartZones, including Start Garden in Grand Rapids and the new Holland SmartZone, are technology-rich, geographical locations where tech firms, entrepreneurs and researchers have set up shop in close proximity to one another. Together, these partners promote resource collaboration between local universities, industries, local government and community to create more technology-based jobs and secure new patents throughout the area.

The SmartZone is just one of dozens of efforts throughout the region to generate new ideas, new business and new thinking, consistently growing West Michigan’s future employer base.

Personal Connections

The Smart Coast is filled with recent graduates from local universities like GVSU, Michigan State, Hope College and Calvin. However, the area also draws young professionals from across the country—

Texas, California, North Carolina, Illinois. Whether you have always called West Michigan home or you are looking to make a move from Chicago, local businesses have unique opportunities for you. Discover more of what Smart Coast companies and entrepreneurs are up to by attending a local networking event.


As part of the Michigan Smart Coast, people carry a diverse set of passions for creating strong and healthy communities.

Convictions regarding healthcare, education, the arts, youth, homelessness, the elderly, sustainable farming, environmentalism, civil rights and poverty have developed a powerful platform here. People along the Smart Coast know our combined efforts continue to make Michigan a place of hope and opportunity for all people; that’s a cause we are all honored to serve.